Contact lawmakers, influence policy, & make your content actionable.

Connect Audiences to Lawmakers

Campaigns & Advocacy

By adding the lawmaker engagement tool, you make it easy for people to contact lawmakers, influence policy, and actively engage your content.

Media & Broadcasting

Deepen engagement with your political content, make your webpages more actionable, and give your audience the ability to take meaningful action.

Experience the Lawmaker Engagement Tool

Take the tool for a test run in 3 easy steps

  • 1. Decide how you want to contact your lawmakers.
  • 2. Follow the widget flow and record/send your message.
  • 3. Recruit others to get involved and share this opportunity.

Features & Benefits


No form fields or clunky mobile experiences. Our images and intuitive flow optimizes click-through and conversion.

Lawmaker Messaging

Take action on any piece of content, and we’ll send your questions and opinions directly to your lawmakers.

Lead Generation

Receive contact details for everyone who takes action, and follow up afterward with targeted outreach emails.

Actionable Content

Deepen investment in your work, stories, or mission by giving your audience the ability to take action.

Customizable Targets

Reach out to lawmakers at any level or branch of government, from state and local to federal officials.

Deepened Investment

Improve audience engagement by elongating pageviews, eliminating churn, and optimizing return engagement.

How It Works


Embed Code

Add your custom embed code into any web page, and add contextual copy / imagery.


Send Messages

Push the page to production, and invite your audience to engage/submit their messages.


Stay Engaged

Deepen engagement with your audience by giving them opportunities for return action.

individuals have taken action via this lawmaker outreach tool.

Ready to Drive Your Audience Towards Political Action?

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