Spotlight: Defend Your Rights

Spotlight: Defend Your Rights


One of our clients is an organization called (DYR). Fundamentally, the group is concerned Congress is passing substantial legislation that strips American citizens of their innate rights. DYR is fighting on behalf of everyday Americans to oppose the following proposed legislation:

H.R. 1215: Protecting Access to Care Act. The Protecting Access to Care Act gives politicians the power to     decide how much an American life is worth. DYR argues that it doesn’t protect Americans. And that instead, it protects negligent corporations when they hurt people, especially older Americans.

H.R. 985: Fairness in Class Action Litigation & Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act of 2017. DYR notes that more than a dozen prominent veterans groups oppose the FACT Act. If passed, this law might strip away basic rights from the veterans who fought to protect them, and anyone else diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease.

H.R. 725: Innocent Party Protection Act. DYR explains that the Innocent Party Protection Act would allow big corporations to push cases from state courts to federal courts, where victims and their families will be buried under heavy caseloads and delays.

H.R. 720: Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act. According to DYR, the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act removes the checks and balance system put in place by our founding fathers. If this bill becomes law, it will build a legal roadblock in front of every American who needs justice.

H.R. 732: Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act. DYR argues that H.R. 732 will significantly limit the amount of money big businesses must pay after harming large numbers of people. This will prevent businesses from paying relief organizations that help people harmed by corporate negligence.

Erin Brockovich, one of our country’s most active consumer advocates, says this about the bills that DYR is fighting: “These bills would make it impossible for people to afford help when they’ve been harmed by a large corporation. I stand with to stop this from happening.” Countable is pleased to be powering this advocacy campaign. We’re helping DYR cut through the red tape, and get the group’s message, as well as the messages of all its advocates, out into the public and legislative spheres.

ANALYTICS is leveraging our advocacy widget to facilitate legislative outreach and lead generation. Consequently, it has been focusing efforts on recruiting new leads (predominantly via digital ad campaigns), rather than targeting pre-existing lists of supporters.

Within just the first few days of going live, its advocacy tools recorded 1528 unique widget views, 719 unique widget engagements, 265 unique advocates and delivered 459 messages to lawmakers. This represents a click-through rate (widget view to engagement) of 47%, and a conversion rate (widget engagement to delivered message) of 37%. Both figures exceed industry average by a factor of 2.5, and they continued to increase throughout the duration of its campaign. All performance metrics and associated lead generation are being transmitted back to DYR via its dedicated analytics dashboard.

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