Campaigns & Advocacy

Get your audience more involved, let them share their unique stories, and contribute to your campaign.

The Video Testimonial Tool and Lawmaker Engagement Tool lower barriers to meaningful action. They empower your audience to record video messages in support of your campaign, to influence public discourse by sharing their own stories, and directly advocate to lawmakers on behalf of critical issues or legislation.

Resulting In

Heartfelt Stories

Collect user-generated videos directly from your supporters. Why are they voting? What’s their GOTV plan? How are they making a difference? Why did they donate to your campaign?

Direct Advocacy

Enable your supporters to contact their lawmakers, and advocate for your cause or legislation, using a mobile-optimized and user-friendly tool that dramatically enhances conversion. 

Lead Generation

Accrue lead generation from everyone who takes action, and follow up with them for repeat engagement opportunities. This is a perfect way to cultivate your e-mail and social lists.

Deepened Engagement

Enable your supporters to contribute more than their dollars. By capturing their unique voices and narratives, you can deepen investment in your campaign and have them return more often.

The Adoption Tax Credit Coalition

The Adoption Tax Credit Coalition is using our lawmaker engagement tool in its campaign to save Senate Bill 937: The Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act of 2017. Its goals are:

  • To engage its audience in support of this legislation
  • To send messages to lawmakers requesting their support
  • To collect heartfelt videos that help shape public opinion

In addition to submitting their messages directly to Congress, the Coalition has also been sharing them on social media and in digital ads, to help advocate for this legislation and share these impactful stories.

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