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Creating actionable content, longer page views, more re-engagement, and a unique value proposition.

Add the Video Testimonial Tool or Lawmaker Engagement Tool to your stories / content, and empower your audience members to engage more deeply. From contacting lawmakers and making news actionable, to collecting unique perspectives and video contributions, you’ll generate more content and deepen engagement.

Resulting In

Actionable Content

Create more touch points for engagement. Empower your audience to contact their lawmakers, lend their unique perspectives, & contribute videos that inform your stories. 

Elongated Pageviews

By providing opportunities for further engagement, you’ll keep audience members on your content / stories for longer, and give them more reasons to stay and consume.

Reduced Churn

Keep audience members coming back for more, as you’ll be providing deeper value, opportunities for impact, and a distinguished value proposition from other competitors.

Deepened Engagement

The more deeply people engage with your content, the more invested they become in your brand. This dramatically enhances the likelihood of return and re-engagement.

ABC7 Los Angeles

ABC7 Los Angeles has used our Lawmaker Engagement Tool and Video Testimonial Tool to make its stories more actionable. Its goals have been:

  • To make their news stories and political content more engaging
  • To empower their audience with the ability to directly contact lawmakers
  • To collect user-generated videos that can be used for human interest stories

In addition to making their content more actionable, ABC7 Los Angeles has also used their tools to develop community and follow up with their audience members about particular issues.

450,000 viewers, across media markets, have engaged with actionable news stories.

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