The Voter Center

Reaching your audience, helping them register to vote, and turning them into active voters.

Connect your audience to a custom Voter Center, and become the one-stop shop for digital engagement this election season. From voter registration to get out the vote (GOTV) reminders, give your audience everything they need to become empowered voters.

Resulting In

Empowered Voters

Make it easy for your audience to register to vote directly through your Voter Center, and empower them with all of the information they need to vote in upcoming elections.

Dates & Deadlines

Notify your audience of key election and registration dates so that they never miss a deadline, and can prepare to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

Actionable Content

Deepen audience engagement with unique content that allows viewers to take action by contacting lawmakers on the election issues that matter to them.

User-Generated Videos

Collect user-generated videos directly from supporters, and leverage them for broader impact to inspire voter participation in upcoming elections.

The Voter Center

Does your campaign, organization, or company want to encourage non-partisan election participation? Countable’s Voter Center has everything you need to engage your audience so that they have the tools they need to become active voters, including:

  • Voter registration with embedded products
  • Calendar & push notification functionality
  • Digital home base for election-related content

Leverage Countable’s hosted templates, or customize your own with unique branding, copy, and content. 

Ready to Drive Your Audience Towards Political Action?

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