Capture authentic, powerful user-generated videos from any device.

Generate Impactful Videos

Campaigns & Advocacy

Collect heartfelt and impactful video content, which can be repurposed as marketing or donation content for your campaign, government office, or initiative.

Media & Broadcasting

Empower your audience to contribute their own perspectives and questions, and then leverage those videos for broader impact on air or your website.

Experience the Video Testimonial Tool

Features & Benefits

Mobile Optimized

The video capture flow is optimized for usage on any mobile device (iOS, Android, or Tablet).

Collect Videos

Receive all raw video source files, as well as associated lead generation, for future use in perpetuity.

Marketing Content

Leverage user-generated videos as embedded content, video montages, social posts, digital ads, and more.

Deepened Engagement

Meaningfully engage your audience and deepen their investment in your work & content.

Performance Metrics

Receive comprehensive analytics that detail your video engagements and nuanced usage patterns.

Embed Code

Add your custom embed code to a chosen webpage, and then design the webpage however you’d like.

How It Works


Embed Code

Add your custom embed code to a chosen page, and then supplement it with extra copy / imagery.


Push It Live

Push the page to production, and invite your audience to watch the videos / create their own.


Collect Videos

Harness your videos for broader impact on social channels, digital ads, and fundraising channels.

user-generated videos have been submitted via this tool.

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